Servicing - Rover 75 / MG ZT DIESEL MODELS

Servicing is an important way of keeping your MG Rover in good health.

We've created a service schedule that's slightly different to the original, based on keeping your 75/ZT in the best health. 

Item Interval (Miles)  Interval (Time) Parts Needed
Oil and Filter 10,000 1 Year

5w30 Fully Synthetic Oil

Oil Filter (Click Here)

Air Filter 10,000 1 Year Air Filter (Click Here)
PCV Filter 20,000 2 Years PCV Filter (Click Here)
Brake Fluid 30,000 3 Years Brake Fluid (Click Here)
Clutch Fluid 50,000 5 Years Brake Fluid (Click Here)
Automatic Transmission Fluid 50,000 5 Years MG Rover ATF - VYK000040
Manual Gearbox Oil 50,000 5 Years MTF-94