Rover 75 / MG ZT / Freelander TD4 Diesel Thermostat Kit (Revised Version) PEL100570 (V3) PEL100570L / PEL100571

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We finally have a revised version of the M47 thermostat (fitted to all 75/ZT Diesels and TD4 Freelanders) that shouldn't suffer with the 'early opening problem' the original items do. 

We've had these made up by a thermostat manufacturer with tried-and-tested parts, and offer a 3 year warranty on this item. They'll go quick - only a limited number available in the first production run. 

This item is designated as the 'V3' of the CDTi thermostat - V1 was fitted to early production models and V2 on all subsequent models (and is the OEM version sold everywhere else). 

We have these fitted to our own fleet - and operating temperature tends to be between 88 and 90 degrees. Ideal for maximum fuel economy, and very toasty heaters!