Rover 25 / 75 / MG ZR / ZT Strut Top Mount Bearings - Pair. RNR100090 / RNR100060 OEM-Q

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If you have a 'clonk' when steering either way past 'straight ahead', you will have worn strut top bearings.
These fit the Rover 25, 75, MG ZR and MG ZT models. 

Other symptoms include knocking over rough terrain / bumps etc.

We've managed to find these at a fantastic price from a top-quality EU supplier. 

Part number RNR100090 / RNR100060. Supplied as a pair.

These also fit Rover 25 and MG ZR models. 

We now offer a 2 year warranty on this item. 

List price: ~£40 / pair

If you need the whole Top Mount assembly, click here.

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