Coolant Leak Repair Kit - Coolant Cap, Inlet Gasket and Thermostat Seals (K Series, 25/45/ZR/ZS)

Fed up of chasing leaks on your K-Series engined Rover 200/25/400/45 or MG ZR/ZS? Thankfully, we've put together a simple kit containing seals to fix the most common leaks at a reduced cost. 

This kit includes:

  • OEM Black Coolant Cap PCD100160
  • Revised Viton Inlet Manifold Gasket LKJ101110
  • Thermostat Seal Kit - including PEF10010 and 2x CDU3858
Part Number: PCD100160, LKJ101110, PEF10010 and CDU3858
Fitment: All K Series Applications - 100 / 200 / 25 / ZR / 400 / 45 / ZS / 75 / ZT / MGF / MGTF
Manufacturer: DMGRS Premium
Notes: Changing the Inlet Manifold Gasket LKJ101110 is recommended if a leak is suspected - left untreated Cylinder 1 can fill with water, and cause engine damage.