BMW / Range Rover Shift Solenoid 24337504753 E39 E46 E53 L322 5L40E LNN000020

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This is the Shift Solenoid as fitted to the GM 5L40E gearbox - used in several BMW applications along with the Range Rover L322 TD6. The gearbox contains THREE of these - the listing is for one only.

BMW Part Number 24337504753
Land Rover Part Number LNN000020

When these fail, you'll have trouble moving through gears - and the gear icon will be displayed. Troubleshooting via plug-in diagnostics should help you find which has failed, but personally I'd just change all 3 while you're in there.

Replacing this part is easy - remove the sump pan, remove the filter and you'll see the valve block. Simply use long-nose pliers to remove the securing clip, and swap the solenoids over.

3 year / 50,000 mile warranty on this part.

Stock location: DA4

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