Rover 75 / MG ZT Front Wheel Bearing Kit - RUD100150 / RUD100120 - OEM-Q

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This item is our own OEM-Q part, tried and tested to stand the test of time.

Full wheel bearing kit for the Rover 75 / MG ZT - all models. 

Wheel bearings on the 75 and ZT are more important than other MG Rover vehicles, as they also provide the signal to the ABS sensor via an embedded magnetic ring within the bearing itself. Usually a bearing with a little play is acceptable, however on these vehicles any play or wear can give all kinds of ABS trouble.

Crunching of the pedal when braking, or the ABS light appearing above 7MPH are both symptoms of failed wheel bearings (plus of course the usual rumbling noise or detectable play). 

Kit includes a hub nut and the vital RUE100031 circlip (often missed from other kits). 

List price: ~£55 / bearing kit

This kit carries a 3 Year Warranty. Made in EU. 


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