MG ZT260 / Rover 75 V8 Heater Control Valve Repair Kits - JGE000020

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Previously, if your Heater Control Valve on your ZT260 or Rover 75 V8 was leaking you'd have to change the whole assembly at around £300 - thankfully there's now a cheaper solution.

As you'll probably know, the valves leak due to constant adjustment by the climate control system - and the only fix was a new assembly at around £300. The actuator (electronic part) also fails, as turning the water valve is much more difficult than the air flap this actuator was originally designed for. 

If you have a water leak, you need the valve. If your heater controls seem to 'misbehave' or the output is incorrect for the temperature set, you need the electronic actuator. 

There are 3 options available - a replacement electronic actuator, a replacement valve or a kit with both included. You will need the metal bracket from your old assembly. 

Full instructions are provided with each version of the kit - fitting is simple and only requires basic tools. 

Both kits now kept in stock for immediate dispatch. 


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