MG ZS180 V6 Crankshaft Position Sensor NSC000070 - OEM-Q

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This the Crankshaft Sensor for all MG ZS V6 models (ZS180) - does not fit the Rover 75 or MG ZT.

OE-fitment item as pictured - a plug and play replacement for the MG ZS180 original part (NSC000070) made by us in the UK. 
This item features top-quality circuitry made from UK-sourced components; the output waveform exactly matches the original sensor and we've done extensive road testing on several ZS180s to make sure they function perfectly even at high RPM. 

Supplied with the correct specification protective conduit fitted as pictured, this will last like the original sensor at a fraction of the cost. 
Please note this item is hand-finished in our workshop - it'll fit and function like the original, but the finish won't be as 'perfect' as the original part. 

When fitting this part, please ensure the mounting hole is free from the remains of the old sensor and from corrosion - on every KV6 we've fitted this to, we've found the mounting hole needs thorough cleaning. 

Each sensor is individually tested to the equivalent of 9,000RPM on a custom-built rig at our workshop using an oscilloscope where the waveform is carefully analysed and checked for accuracy. 

2 year warranty on this item. 

NB: We do also have very limited stock of the Genuine MG Rover item at a price below RRP - you can select this using the drop-down menu. 

Fitment MG ZS180
Manufacturer DMGRS OEM-Q / Genuine MG Rover (select with drop down menu)
Notes Check mounting hole is clean before fitting
Stock location AA4

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