MG ZS180 Crankshaft Position Sensor NSC000070 - DMGRS Aftermarket

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Fed up of paying £160+ for this part? We have the solution!

We now have an aftermarket sensor kit available - a compatible sensor with a 5 year warranty including fitting kit for just £74.99!
The fitting kit includes the bracket needed to attach the sensor to the original mounting location. 
Guaranteed to work as well as the original, it's the perfect solution to the expensive original part. The plug and wiring is all identical to the original item. 

This the crank sensor for all MG ZS V6 models (ZS180) - does not fit the Rover 75 or MG ZT.

When fitting this part, please ensure the mounting hole is free from the remains of the old sensor and from corrosion - on every KV6 we've fitted this to, we've found the mounting hole needs thorough cleaning. 

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