Clutch Master Cylinder - MG ZS 180 - (Hybrid Master Cylinder Kit) - STC100040. (Also fits all 400/45/ZS models)

Clutch Master Cylinder - MG ZS 180 - (Hybrid Master Cylinder Kit) - STC100040. (Also fits all 400/45/ZS models)

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Please read the full item description before buying this item. Some modification is needed, using parts from your existing Clutch Master Cylinder.

This will replace ALL 400/45/ZS Clutch Master Cylinders, not just the 180.

You are purchasing a Master Cylinder assembly (new) that requires the Clevis Assembly from your old unit to be swapped across. Read below.

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Part Number: STC100040
Fitment: All 400 / 45 / ZS Manual Models (All engine capacities)
Manufacturer: DMGRS Premium
Notes: Requires some assembly, see below. 


My solution to the ZS180 Clutch Master weakness - build a hybrid Master Cylinder. It's as tough as a brand new unit for about 1/4 of the cost.


First of all, this is what the inside of one of our Master Cylinders looks like:





The piston assembly has a small rubber seal – in my experience this is what degrades and causes the leak. The bore in this cylinder was perfect.


Ideally, you will need to build a hybrid Master cylinder. This will be a completely new assembly, aside from the Clevis Assembly which you will move across from your old Master cylinder.


1. Take your old Master cylinder apart by removing the rubber bung on the Clevis Assembly and then using circlip pliers, remove the circlip holding the Master cylinder together.


2. Pull the Clevis Assembly gently, and the contents of the Master cylinder will come out together. Hold the Piston Assembly and pull the Clevis Assembly away, and the two will separate.


3. Remove the insides of the Master supplied in this kit as described in step 1.


4. Split the Piston Assembly and Clevis assembly of the Master Cylinder supplied in this kit as above, and push-fit the Piston Assembly from the your new Master cylinder to the Clevis Assembly from your ZS.


5. Pop the newly assembled hybrid Piston/Clevis Assembly into the new Master cylinder housing, and re-fit the circlip you removed.


6. Connect the pipework from your ZS Master cylinder - make sure you use the O ring seal included with your new Master cylinder. Insert the roll pin and split pin to secure the pipework.


7. Bleed the new Hybrid Master cylinder by loosely clamping it in a vice, filling the reservoir with fluid and then pushing the actuating rod to the end of it's travel while holding a small screwdriver down on the one-way valve at the other end of the pipework. When at the end of travel, release the screwdriver to re-make the seal, then release the piston to take the fluid from the reservoir. Repeat until there is no softness when attempting to push the piston down without the screwdriver opening the valve.

List price (new Master Cylinder): ~£90

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