KV6 Inlet Manifold - DIY Bare Assembly - LKB108021

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If you're put off by the cost of the full KV6 Inlet Manifold, this may be an ideal solution for you - a 'barebones' KV6 Inlet Manifold, to which you just need to add your own VIS Motors, MAP Sensor (if applicable) and fabricate a slightly different throttle body mounting flange. 

This is a manifold for DIY enthusiasts only - if your car has the small vacuum take-off next to the purge valve or MAP Sensor fitted, you'll need to tap the manifold and attach them accordingly.

To add the secondary vacuum takeoff, simply drill a small hole in the location of the take-off on your original manifold and add a D6 nozzle (search on eBay or similar to find them, around £2).

For the MAP Sensor, you'll need to drill a hole in or near the location of the sensor on your original manifold. The hole needed is 13mm, with a small 1.5mm hole either side for the mounting screws.

The Throttle Body Mount also needs slight adaptation - you can fashion an adaptor from MDF or similar, or cut the old throttle body mount from your failed manifold, and use this to make an adaptor plate. The issue is that the mounting bolts are 3mm closer together on these manifolds than the original items.

This item is a brand new, genuine MANN part.

If you need new VIS Motors, you can add these with the drop down menu.