Premium K Series Head Gasket Set (VVC) - Inc W/Pump & Cambelt Kit

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Premium kit - the MLS Gasket is the Victor Reinz item (inc shim), and the non-MLS Gasket is our OEM-Q clone of the Payen BW750.

Rover K Series MLS Head Gasket Set - LVB500190 / LVB000320. Picture shows the 'elastomer' style gasket, however this kit is available with the MLS-type gasket - choose which you would like from the drop-down menu above.

Fit the MLS gasket if your liners are even and sit proud (3-5 thou) to the block deck face, and fit the Elastomer gasket if your liners sit less than this or are uneven.

This is the ULTIMATE K Series Head Gasket kit - includes absolutely everything needed for many thousands of miles of trouble free motoring.

Also now available is the strengthened Land Rover oil rail, preventing loss of torque on the head bolts for longer head gasket life. 

Please note, Cam seal colours are the opposite way around to usual. (Black- Rear, Brown-Front)


  • Victor Reinz K Series MLS (with integrated shim) / OEM-Q BW750 Elastomer Head Gasket (LVB500190 / LVB000320)
  • VVC Inlet Manifold Gasket - OEM (LKJ100821)
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket - Victor Reinz (LKG100551)
  • Cam Cover Gasket - OEM (LVP100630)
  • 2x OEM supplier Front Camshaft Seals - (LUC100220)
  • 2x OEM supplier Rear Camshaft Seals - (LUC100290)
  • Cambelt kit (Dayco) with Manual Tensioner (all VVC vehicles only. LHN100390 and LHP10015). Also includes VVC Timing Belt LHN100400. 
  • Water Pump (PEB102510)
  • Valve stem seals (16, OEM. LUB100350)

Ideal upgrade to solve head gasket issues once and for all!

Fits the 1.8 VVC engines fitted to all MG Rover vehicles. 


10x OEM Head Bolts (no cheapies!) available as an extra - see options (WAM2293)

OEM Land Rover Oil Rail (Revised) also now available as an option. 

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