MG ZT Front Spring - REB000900 - Genuine MG Rover

Brand new MG ZT Front Springs - Genuine Delphi OE MG Rover parts taken from factory production line stock.

 These are the Comfort setting springs as fitted to the Mk2 1.8 and 1.8T models - however the spring rates are very similar to all other Mk2 springs, so will fit V6 and Diesel models too (Comfort, not Sport).

The length of the spring is around 10mm less than the V6 and Diesel models, so your car will sit around 8mm lower with these fitted (not noticeable in every day use, and won't affect handling). The spring rate is the same at 31N/mm.

Will physically fit Mk1 models, however being the Comfort setting the ride will be softened a little.

Colour markings - Yellow / Brown - SH / TJ