Genuine Rover 75 MG ZT Clutch Master Cylinder - Original AP STC100146 / STC100156 / STC105480 / STC000110

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Over the years, the subject of the Rover 75 / MG ZT Clutch Master Cylinder has been a hot topic across all forums etc.
The issue is the original, factory fitted AP branded items are very reliable - however the replacements available since seem to be very poor quality, often not lasting more than a year in service.

The Metal Master Cylinder was developed as a replacement for this, and is a good solution - however some prefer the original unit, as the Metal Master Cylinder uses a copper pipe which can transmit noise to the cabin, and if not routed correctly the pipe can vibrate against or even wear through on other components.

Our solution was to find a batch of the original, factory parts and supply them at a very low cost compared to all available new alternatives.

You will need need to use this item with your old pipework - the pipework fitted is different to that used on production Rover 75 and MG ZT models.
The actual cylinder is identical for all applications, it is only the pipework that is different.

The item will be supplied pre-filled but with the different pipework attached.

Fitting your existing pipework is very simple - remove the split pin and roll pin holding the pipe to the back of your original item, then pop the pipe into the new part and secure with the roll pin and split pin.
This is very simple, needs no special tools, and should take no more than 15 minutes.The pipework can be swapped in situ - no need to remove anything other than the Master Cylinder itself.

You will need to bleed the system once fitted - we recommend flushing the entire system out with at least 250ml of fluid to remove all traces of rubber particles and old fluid from the pipework and Slave Cylinder. You can add 250ml of Genuine TRW fluid  (DOT 4, compatible with originally specified DOT 3).

 2 year warranty on this item.

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