Rover 75 / MG ZT Rear Damper and Top Mount Kit - Genuine MG - RPD102250 / RPD000152 / RPD000531 / RPD108411

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Genuine MG Rear Damper (Shock Absorber) and Top Mount Kit - supplied pre-assembled as pictured. 

Replace your Rover 75 or MG ZT (Saloon and Tourer) Rear Damper with an original MG part for a fraction of the usual price.

These items are the 'Comfort' setting used in the MG7 - slightly more firm than the Rover 75 part, and slightly softer than the MG ZT version.
The rear springs provide most of the 'feel', so this won't affect handling to an extent that is noticeable.
These are originally designed for Saloon vehicles, but will fit and function satisfactorily on Tourer models too.

 Need the Damper without the Top Mount etc? Click here.