KV6 Composite Head Gaskets (Pair) - LVB101630 - Rover 75 800 ZS ZT Kia Carnival

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We've had these made up for us, as the standard KV6 Head Gasket is of the MLS (Multi Layer Steel) design - and thus if you have low or uneven cylinder liners (common in earlier engines, especially those in the Rover 800 or Kia Carnival) you'll suffer repeat head gasket failure quite quickly.

These composite gaskets are much more tolerant of low or uneven liners - and thus you should still be able to get plenty of life from an engine suffering from this.
KV6 engines with higher mileage from later MGR vehicles (Rover 45, 75, ZS and ZT etc) also suffer with liners sinking, as they slowly 'hammer' down into the block with use - this gasket is suitable for those applications too.

Supplied as a pair, as pictured. We've had these made up for us under our own OEM-Q brand.

If demand for this item is higher than expected (we're not really sure what to expect, as we haven't found any for sale elsewhere!) there may be a short lead time while we have more made up.
We'll email you if this is the case.

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