OEM-Q 75 / ZT CDT/CDTi In Tank Diesel Pump - WFX100933

A high-quality in tank fuel pump module for the Rover 75 / MG ZT (CDT and CDTi).

This is the module that fits within the in tank pump assembly - the part which commonly fails. Common symptoms are running rough/stalling below 1/4 of a tank or stalling due to low fuel pressure.

To check if your in tank pump is working, place your ear to the back seat of your 75/ZT with the ignition on Position 2 (engine not running) and you should hear humming. If you don't, your pump has probably failed. 

Now available with a new Tank Seal - ESR3806. This is the seal that sits between the tank and the pump assembly, and should ideally be changed when disturbed as the rubber hardens over time.

This item is compatible with both single pump and twin pump systems - both Mk1 and Mk2 cars.


Part Number: WFX100933
Fitment: Rover 75 CDTi, MG ZT CDTi (Saloon and Tourer)
Manufacturer: SKV Germany